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Success Story: Pup problems turn into a blessing

When there was a sudden change in their dog's behavior, these owners were baffled and called us for help. Their Lhasa Apso was used to visiting their groomer on a regular basis but one day he created a habit of growling and snapping at the groomer when the trimmers were on. So much so that it frightened their usual groomer and she refused to work with him anymore.

The pup also had some poor habits at home. Though the owners loved to take him on walks, it would quickly turn into a frustrating journey as he would pull and bark at every car, person or especially bicycles. We taught the owners the importance of the Respect Walk and how it is just as essential for them to be calm and relaxed while walking as it is for their dog. They needed to forget the past, no matter the issue. When we hold on to the past and feel tense or nervous, the owner will have a difficult time gaining control over their dog. Because dogs sense our feelings and body language so easily, if an owner is tense or anxious while walking, these factors will affect their dog's behavior. Once everyone was able to relax, everyone did a great job!

They also were having a hard time with their little guy getting into anything he wasn't supposed to have - such as tissues or paper towels. He would take them and run away, then sit to guard the item and growl or snap if the owner attempted to take it back. We taught the owners both how to claim objects in their home they did not want their pup to have. Once you claim an object with a dog, it teaches him it belongs to YOU and they will not touch it unless given permission. He learned very quickly and we were able to take a trip to his new groomer for the last part of our session. We worked with the pup before we left, getting him accustomed to the sound of the trimmers.

Luckily, they chose Katie's Professional Dog Grooming as their new groomer. She began the trimming and we observed that the dog would go into a fearful state and this caused the poor behavior. Both the groomer and owners were able to hear us explain what to do if this happens during an appointment and how to keep the Lhasa Apso calm and even enjoy the visit. To our surprise, We did not even have to demonstrate anything! The groomer was very skilled at what she did. She knew exactly how to handle "snippy" dogs and keep them relaxed. The only thing we showed her was how to handle the fear, but otherwise she did an amazing job. This session began with frustration over losing the previous groomer but really turned into a blessing because now they work with a groomer they can trust wholeheartedly to handle the dog with care and keep him relaxed.

Now the owners can take tissues or other objects the dog may have gotten into away from him with no fear. Also, they can walk by anything with out being pulled or worry about their dog lunging at something and getting hurt. Grooming will no longer be an issues with their wonderful new groomer! What a fantastic day!

*** A big shout out to Katie's Professional Dog Grooming for allowing us to visit and for taking such good care of their clients. You can learn more about them at their website or Facebook page.

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