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What to Expect in Your Session

    Every dog is different and so is their environment and family. Please keep in mind that because of this, every session is entirely different and customized according to your personal lifestyle. Before the session, he will ask that your family creates a list of problems they would like to see addressed in the session.

     Your session will begin the moment he knocks on the door. He wants to see how your dog greets guests, the same way they would react to any other guest coming to your home unexpectedly. This information can then be focused on later in the process.

     First, he will come in, sit down with you and talk about what has been the main issues with your dog's behavior and what you would like to see happen differently. At this time he can also begin explaining some common ground rules to help the process begin smoothly.

     The whole family should be involved the session, this way the dog doesn't get mixed signals from someone who doesn't understand what goals we created during our time together. Everyone can aid in small ways to ensure success, even your children.  


     Next, we will usually take your dog on a short walk alone with you simply watching. This process allows us personally to get to know your dog better, build their trust and observe if the behavioral problems get better or worse while away from their owners. This also helps in understanding how severe each case is and we can then create a rehabilitation/training plan for you. 


    Implementing that plan is then the next step as we include you on the walk and begin to solidify you as the owner in their leadership role of the relationship. We also begin to address issues from the list you created before we arrived. It is a very hands-on process in teaching you how your dog thinks, guiding them and exercises to do that stop the unwanted behavior. Even though it's a lot of information in a short time, this process allows you to stop behaviors you are experiencing now as well as prevent future problems.


   Once we have taught you how a dog's mind works, how to show praise at appropriate times, guiding them as their new pack leader and most importantly how mental stimulation impacts their behaviors, you then have the power and knowledge to bring harmony back to your home.  By the end of the session, you will be equipped with all the knowledge and skill necessary to ensure a consistent follow-through with the new techniques. Once we have left your home, we are always available by call, text or email to answer any further questions and lead you to continued success.  


  We have a ton of fun while teaching you and your dog! Our entire goal is to help your life with your dog be more enjoyable. The bond that grows going forward is an amazing experience. When owners can fully understand their dogs, they are more likely to have a forever home and build that bond that lasts a lifetime.

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