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Session FAQs

Q: What is included in a session?

   No two sessions are alike because every dog is experiencing different issues.  Sessions work on whatever behavioral issues you are having, meaning we allow you to choose what we work on most!  Before the session, we ask you to write us a list of things you would like to know how to stop (i.e. jumping on guests, barking about everything, digging my yard up, etc.) Then we walk you through improving each individual situation.  We may ask for your help on some things, such as "my dog only barks when DOGs walk by"  then we may ask for you to have some friends with dogs lined up to walk by during our session so we can teach you hands-on how to correct the behavior. One of the most important things we always include is learning our "Respect Walk" and how to become the pack leader in order to restore a respectful and harmonious bond.


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Q: How much is a 4 hour session?

  Each all-inclusive, customized session is $475 and $50 for each additional dog in your pack. Even if only one dog is showing issues, we still need to work with the pack as a whole for the issues to be resolved.  For example, if you have 3 dogs, the session total would be $575. Because we travel to you, a minimal mileage fee may be necessary depending on your location. If you have more questions about a price quote, please contact us.

Q: Will I need a follow-up session?

    The need for a re-visit session is very rare and usually only necessary in the most extreme of cases. These are not always 4 hours and quoted separately based on the re-visit situation and time necessary. Separate treadmill training sessions are also offered.

Q: Why are treadmill training sessions sometimes separate from a traditional session?

  We will only do a treadmill session if you have already had an appointment before with us.  We want to get to know your dog to make sure he is eligible to do treadmill therapy and make sure you understand how and why to use it before teaching you the process. Every dog is different and not every dog needs it or is healthy enough for treadmill therapy.

Q: Do you work with aggressive cases?

  Absolutely! In aggression situations, we give you a session focusing on the root cause of the aggression once we evaluate your dog.  Then we work together with you to come up with a rehabilitation plan and guide.  Some dogs may need extra sessions in very aggressive cases.  For instance, if it is severe we may give you a 2-week plan and then come back to see how the follow-through is going and how to keep moving forward from there.  We base it all around your time schedule for work, whether you live alone or with family members, how extreme the aggression is, the age of the dog, etc.  We make our plan realistic to your lifestyle.

Q: Why does everyone in the family need to be there?

  We like for everyone that has frequent interaction with the dog to be present and involved in order for the rehabilitation to be a success.  As people play a major role in earning your dog's trust, having everyone on the same page is essential to their success.

Q: How does this work in only 4 hours? Don't I need weeks of classes?

  Since we come to your home and teach you hands-on, specifically addressing what problems you are having, we don't need to drag it out longer than it takes for you to learn the necessary techinques.  You will continue doing the follow through for 4-6 weeks at home in your own time and with our continued guidance and discussion every step of the way. Although the session is only 4 hours, we spend the 4 hours dedicated to teaching you what to continue once we leave your home.  Once we do leave, we give you our personal number to continue the line of communication and education.

Q: What does it mean to be a pack leader? Why is that important for my dog?

  Being the Pack Leader or Alpha of your dog simply means you become the true parental figure in their eyes.  When this happens, they will understand and listen to your guidance in a similar fashion to how children follow a parent they trust and respect.  If a dog thinks they are the alpha of the home, they instinctively feel the need to take control of every situation and behavioral issues occur.  A domesticated dog does not understand how to be a leader in our human world because they tend to perceive anything out of the ordinary as a threat to THEIR pack, even if it's just a friend coming to visit.  When you hold that role instead, your dog is less stressed and can fully trust you to take care of them in any situations occurring around them.

Have further questions? We would love to talk with you! Contact us today.

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