About Vernon and Marci

Vernon Taylor and Marci Burk have been working with dogs for over 25 years as dog behaviorists. The difference between their services and a training typically offered at a chain pet store is they don't just teach the dogs commands. First, they study the behavior of each dog to figure out why it is behaving the way they are and then address the behavior using a strategy appropriate to the desired outcome.


Each case is unique because each dog is different. Indiana Dog Whisperer does not use or promote the use of negative reinforcement training (prong collars, shock collars, etc…) No case is too aggressive to be addressed. They specialize in socialization, treadmill and potty training, as well as food/dog/human aggression and much more.


Vern and Marci are absolutely able to travel in order to serve not only the Central Indy area but across the United States and prices are the best in the behaviorist industry.

Though they do not telepathically communicate with pets, the correctional methods work so well it will truly seem like they are whispering in a dog's ear. 



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Vernon Taylor &

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