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Success Story: Beagle from local animal abuse situation begins healing journey with new owner

In late May of this year, a man from the Muncie area was charged with many counts of animal cruelty when 16 dogs were found in his home - 6 of them deceased. The surviving dogs were living in terrifying conditions, unable to access fresh food or water. Thanks to Phil Peckinpaugh, director of the Muncie Animal Shelter and other rescuers, each remaining dog was placed in a loving foster home. This fearful little Beagle was one of those survivors.

We were called in to help teach the dog not be be afraid of the world anymore. The owner could hardly walk the pup because any little noise or new obstacle, including bunnies, would send her into a state of panic and fear. She would immediately want to bolt home and hide. Noises around the home would also terrify her. The owner could not easily make herself dinner without scaring the poor beagle. After getting to know her a little, we began by teaching potty training. This proved to be a big challenge to overcome since the pup previously was shut inside a chicken coop and left to defecate where she stood. Second, we taught the owner how to introduce her pup to new humans, since before she would run and cower in her mom's bedroom when company came over. A walk was next to begin getting the little girl familiarized with having a leader during her walk and assuring her that she was safe while getting some exercise. Lastly, we taught the dog how to use the dog door without getting too scared to walk through. We normally do not recommend doggie doors because they give the dog too much control over the home and yard, but with this pup, it was essential to allow her the freedom she was previously denied.

By the end of our session, the beagle was already coming out of her fear and was smiling and romping around the house a little the more she understood she was finally in safe hands. We discussed with the owner about not continuing to repeat the old abuse story from this point so both dog and owner could move past it and on to a better life together. Dogs live in the present moment. What they need most is to know they have a leader, a wonderful home and to expect to be treated with love and respect. Now this beautiful pup no longer needs to fear humans and she will always know her owner is there to protect and care for her.

Her past story is so important to share because we want to show that any dog really can change, no matter what they have experienced in life. A new start is always a possibility!

We will be keeping in close contact with her owner to keep an eye on her progress and be a resource as the owner uses her new knowledge and tools to make her beagle able to enjoy a calm, relaxing and very loving life. The horrible past is over and we are so thrilled to help this little girl regain trust in humanity. A big thank you to Phil at the Muncie Animal Shelter and also Pine Acre Kennels for stepping in when duty called to save these animals.

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