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Success Story: Yorkie starts an adventure and learns how to ride a motorcycle

We love helping owners achieve their biggest dreams with their dogs! This Success Story has it all: cuteness of a lovable Yorkie pup and the raw power of a motorcycle. Who could ask for more?!

We were called in to help this little girl stop attacking people while on "her blanket". She began a habit of go into little tantrums or red zone, and start attacking the blanket for no reason. If anyone came near her while she was doing this, she would attempt bite. Once realizing the aggression was stemming from the dog being in constant fear, her behavior seemed less unpredictable and sporadic. The majority of the session was spent getting her out of fear and helping her realize she was safe before moving on to resolving other issues.

The owners soon told us how badly they wished their fur-baby would ride in a basket on the woman's bicycle and even had purchased a special dog safe basket to attach but had not had a successful attempt because of the dog's fear. We had her riding with her mom safely in the basket in no time with the wind blowing against her face and enjoying the view from her new basket.

The dog's Dad had a dream of being able to ride with her on his Harley motorcycle. Again, they had gone out and bought a safe harness that attached to the mans chest. Once we showed the pup there was nothing to fear from the motorcycle, dad was able to take off and ride around the neighborhood with her!! As a dog owner, you want your dog to be able to go everywhere with you and thats what we love to help with! What an adventure experienced today!

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