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Success Story: Two Huskies live their ultimate dream

After being pulled in two directions at once, tiring out her arms and resorting to walking her dogs separately, this owner asked us to help her be able to walk together as a pack again. We started by teaching the "respect walk" before addressing the younger Husky's constant attempts to claim their mom, hogging attention away from the other as well as the older pup's habit of blocking the doggie door to stop his brother from stealing his mom's attention again. We taught her how to work with the puppy so she could love on both her dogs at the same time with out either being jealous or upset.

While working on getting the dogs treadmill trained, the owner told us about her ultimate wish to train the two huskies to pull her in a cart! This was such a blast as we taught her the basics of how to gradually ease them into pulling the cart and she is so happy she can now start the formal training! She had not started before because the dog's were so hyper and hard to control. This was such a pleasure to do with them!! We love hearing the big goals and dreams you have for your pet and helping you to achieve them!

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