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Success Story: Three Bichon Frise's learn their manners

We had a great time working with these three Bichon Frise's today! After teaching their owner how to become the pack leader, the first issue we addressed was one of the male Bichon's would run after the owner's grandchildren and try to nip them as they played in the back yard or tried to have fun swimming and playing by the pool. The second issue was potty training because their male dog had a problem hiking his leg in the house. We taught them our simple potty training method and they have seen major improvement. We also worked with all three dogs so they did not become jealous of one another. The key to today's victory was teaching the owner how to stop any jealous behaviors with their toys or just getting attention from Mom!

We had a wonderful time with the owner and she has been keeping us updating on how well they are doing now!

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