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Success Story: Mending Fences

Barking is one of the most common issues we get asked to help correct. When these owners called us, they were so upset about the issues their pup was causing that they were considering moving. One of their dogs would bark while in the back yard at anything and everything, specially their neighbors. This started to cause tension between the relationships with their neighbors and they needed to find a solution quickly. They began simply trying to walk him more frequently instead of letting him lounge and play outside but that became a second problem as he would pull with great strength and hurt their arms. The owners wanted everyone in the neighborhood to see what good dogs they actually were when not upset by their fence barrier. We were able to schedule a session and come help.

We met the couple at their home and the dog's "grandparents" were even able to join us so everyone could be on the same page with how to handle the dogs properly and be set up for success after our visit. Beginning by teaching the Respect Walk, the owners became established as the leaders of their pack. Once everyone had practiced, we also showed them how to stop the dogs from jumping on someone to greet them. This was especially important since they babysit their 18 month old niece from time to time and didn't want any chance of the dogs accidentally harming her.

The next day, we received a text from the owners letting us know that both neighbors had both apologized to each other and they showed the neighbor they could now control the annoying barking for good! What an amazing day and we are so happy we could take a giant weight off their shoulders.

success story mending fences Indiana Dog Whisperer.jpg

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